Beautiful timeless woodwork


Our human-sized company employs 9 people who are passionate about their profession and the EPV “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label, awarded to us by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, has rewarded our efforts to maintain, sustain and transmit our knowledge. to become rare.

Thus, since 1976, we custom-made woodwork, paneling, doors, mainly Haussmann style and 18th century inspiration, the Enlightenment!

And today, these beautiful timeless woodwork by a happy marriage find their place perfectly in symbiosis with the contemporary decorative elements and thus create a rare atmosphere making your interior a place of exceptional life.

To paint, painted, Solid Oak or other species we work on plans or draw in proportion and manufacture in our workshop entirely dedicated to our passion and your service.

Doors, wood paneling, paneling, integrated library arrangements, matching reception desks; proportions and profiles of molding, skirting, jambs, cornices, cymais, sculptures … every detail is studied and drawn for an overall harmony.