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The swivel security door that combines design and security even for large openings, up to 2700x1700mm.

presented here in Walnut from France, stained 3 layers, Natural finish


In designing the house of your dreams, surely you imagine a comfortable, elegant and above all secure? Look no further, the door Di-CÉRÈS is made for your home!
The installation is done in tunnel with the frame and has double lateral bolts on both sides of the leaf.

The high quality materials, the care of the details and the elegant and simple design make it an ideal component for furnishing.

The Di-Ceres Pivot Door is available with three installation solutions: standard, in tunnel with interior frame for woodwork and in tunnel with external frame.

Blinds BLADES BOUVETES interior and exterior side in Solid wood FRENCH DRY DRYER, sense of the blades and finish to the choice
Pre-frame in galvanized steel thickness 30/10 with 12 fixing lugs
Frame made of 20/10 thick sheet steel, opaque black lacquered Ral 9005
Swivel hinges adjustable on 3 axes
Double leaf galvanized steel sheet thickness 20/10
Filling for thermal and acoustic insulation
Electromechanical lock with European profile cylinder with 1 construction key + 5 keys for the user, supplied with a manganese anti-drilling plate.
Double side bolts: 2 side lock and 3 side hinge
Aluminum handle kit, silver color finish (inside handle + fixed hinge on the outside), square model
Upper and lower automatic skirting and waterproof sill bar

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