Haussmannian door 2 panels

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Haussmannian door 2 panels

Door 2 panels Haussmann style, patinated oak France

Model available in fireproof, acoustic, shielded version in the dimensions, essences and finishes of your choice

Size of the model presented: 204x83cm

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Choosing a Haussmann Door BERTOLI is the right choice!
In an atmosphere of vintage or current, it will be one of the centerpieces of your home by its elegance and sobriety …
To add even more personality to the model, we advise you to order your Haussmann door taller than the standard and to match it with wall paneling.
Achievable in all the dimensions in wood to paint or to skate, in swing door or sliding …

All our doors are made of dried wood species in our workshops (10 to 12% hygrometry). We mold and assemble them according to the techniques of the Cabinetmakers of past centuries.


The models of interior door that we propose you can be made in different species: the Fraké (exotic wood, known under the name of Walnut of Africa), the Lime tree, the Chestnut tree of France, the Oak of France, the Cherry of France and the Walnut of France.
They are equipped with three hammers iron brushed 140mm notched turlupet and lock mortise iron brand JPM or Vachette 1st choice. In option we propose to equip your doors with invisible hinges, magnetic lock.
All models that we manufacture can be delivered to glazed or glazed, block door or sliding door *. (* applied or installed in a rack frame we can supply). We also manufacture bare doors to install on existing frames.

To complete your doors, we offer a wide choice of finishes:
• Classic Patina: fine reworking, hue chosen by you, hard bottom, ginning and wax
• Antique patinas (strokes, wormholes, fouling of moldings), brushed finish, round planer finish
Other finishes: wax, natural oil, paint with rechampis, old-fashioned paint, pearl gray paint, white lead …

2017 Trends
Black, white, natural oak, smoked oak, oxidized oak

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