Bastide Big Frame

Bastide Big Frame

Clean line and refined Model

Current Model in French walnut
Size : 215x100cm
Finish : triple layer of Sikkens water-base stain, stain of your choice

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Passionate about woodworking, we are dedicated to making doors, as did the Grand Master Cabinetmakers of past centuries. To perfect our works, we take care to use French woods, raw materials of French or European origin.

All our doors are made of dried wood species in our workshops (10 to 12% hygrometry).
They are assembled with tenons and mortises glued and pegged wood, the jets of water are notched.

The models of door of entry that we propose to you can be made in Oak of France and Walnut of France. (exotic wood for doors to paint)

To shoe our doors we use Clémenson brand Picard hinges, the best on the market.
They are fitted with a 3 or 5-point Vachette brand lock with security cylinder and reproduction card; on request a reinforced strike, electric strike, digital recognition box … For the insulation we equip them with a peripheral seal of the brand Dual and a sill bar aluminum flat or flush, or d an automatic plinth called “closnet” or “klomatic”.

Finally, it is with care and attention that our varnish gives them the final touch: Xylophene treatment, color chosen by you, three layers of SIKKENS branded wood on the outside, & Tint, polyurethane varnish and wax on the face interior. If you want a door with an old appearance, we offer different finishing techniques.

We also offer finishes “Trends”: Brushed, Oxidized, Natural …

Recommendation: We advise you to protect your entry door from the bad weather by placing it under shelters (porch, marquise, advanced roof ..)



In swing version on hinges or on pivots
With internal lining and insulating core to guarantee better thermal insulation
In Armored version
In Firewalls and Acoustics
In standard dimensions
Straight frame, curved, basket handle or full arch
In third door, with two leaves, with fixed or semi-fixed glazed side part ….
To be removed in our workshops or delivered by carrier throughout the world …

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