Montfort, bottom panels “Ste Catherine”

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Montfort, bottom panels “Ste Catherine”

Arched protruding cornice, hand-carved central pilaster.

Unique model provided with the same patterns on Bottom panels of the Ste Catherine door we made in 2007.

Custom made, colour of your choice

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Passionate about woodwork we dedicate ourselves in making doors the way Great cabinet makers of past centuries were doing.

Doors are made of wood species, vacuum-dried in our workshop (10 to 12% humidity).
Tenon and mortise glued and dowelled joints, the weatherboards are notched..


Front doors are available in French oak and in French walnut, or exotic wood (Limba, Niangon) to be painted.

Front doors come in various sizes of your choice (custom front door, unequal leaves, two leaves…)

– Straight frame,
– Lowered arch, radius 15cm (or other)
– Basket arch
– Semicircular arch

Doors are provided with Clemenson’s picarde hinges, the best on market.
Doors are provided with Vachette 3 or 5 lever built-in lockset with a safety cylinder and reproduction card, strengthened strike plate on request, electrical strike plate, digital fingerprint recognition box…
Dual peripheral seal and aluminium threshold either flat or built-in, or with an automatic plinth « closnet » or « klomatic » for insulation.

With great care and attention our varnisher gives the doors the final touch : Xylophen treatment,
colour of your own choice, triple layer of Sikkens water-base stain on external face, & stain, polyurethane varnish and wax on internal face. If you wish your door to look old-styled, we can suggest various finish techniques.

Recommendation : protect your front door from bad weather putting it under shelter (entry porch, marquise,

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